Thursday, 31 January 2013

Website whiteboard

Inexpensive and convenient, the White board has provided me with a place to explain my ideas to my students for many years. It still does, in fact. I've never used an interactive whiteboard, but I've heard they are good. That is until you go to a classroom which doesn't have one as my friend pointed out. 

Even so, it gets annoying when you have to write the same thing over and over again. Furthermore, I wanted my students to have a copy of what I had written. To save time I told them to take pics, but they were difficult to see.
I needed a new way to display and save the information I was writing on the board. The answer lay in something I had been using for a few months already.

Screen shot from Wiki page.

I have a projector in the classroom, so all I have to do is project the Wiki page on the screen. I can then type my notes for the day live.

It can be saved or edited at anytime and the best part of all is, my students can access it at anytime.

Now, my students can access all the notes from each day. They can get or even add new information to it. Everything from homework, deadlines, useful information can easily be displayed on the page.

It even allows me to add videos, audio tracks and upload PDF files which the students can then down load. Now because of this flexibility and the prospect for collaboration & sharing with my students, I now have a truly interactive whiteboard.

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